Hamilton received Brazilian citizenship

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Lewis Hamilton has officially become an honorary citizen of Brazil, after preparing for the Grand Prix in Sao Paulo, he told the crowd at the ceremony, “Now I really feel like I’m one of you.”

Hamilton received his citizenship in the Chamber of Deputies, where he spoke about the influence of his idol, Ayrton Senna, along with a thank you speech, – I want to thank everyone for what they have done for me and made this possible. It is a great honor for me to be here and to receive citizenship. Now I feel like I am one of you.” – Hamilton’s speech was met with applause. The initiative for honorary citizenship came after Hamilton celebrated his championship with a Brazilian flag.

“I want to dedicate today to the memory of Ayrton Senna, his family, friends and fans, the first time I saw him race I was five years old and then I knew I wanted to do it too, I wanted to be world champion like him.”

“That was the first time I heard about Brazil, after that I always played as Brazil in FIFA,then I heard how deep the love and passion of Brazilians for their country is, it’s great. I am very happy to spend some time here “.

The head of the Mercedes team also responded to this event, – “Recognition from the country that Ayrton Senna had s a special achievement, on behalf of each member of the team I want to say, Lewis, we are proud of you, thank you for what we have achieved together, and there are new challenges ahead “.

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