Saba Purtseladze defeats russian opponent in the final

Saba Purtseladze wins ITF Tournament in Sharm el Sheikh | Setanta Sports

Saba Purtseladze won the ITF tournament in Sharm El Sheikh. In the final of M25 Sharm ElSheikh tournament Georgian tennis player defeated russian opponent in two sets.

First time in his entire career Saba Purtseladze has won $25000 tournament. On hard surface court Purtseladze won back to back 5 games.

21-year-old Georgian Sportsman won against the Egyptian, British, French, Uzbek and russian tennis players. He has just lost two sets during the entire tournament. After the last 16 he won the championship without losing a set.

In Sharm El Sheikh tournament won by Saba participated challenger level players as well. One of them Alibek Kazmachov was his opponent in the final where Purtseladze won 6-4 7-5.

Joined in the Pro Tour by 2019, in the ATP ranking Georgian tennis player ranks on 527th place. Only in this calendar year he appears in the list of best 300 players.

After improving the ranking position Purtseladze will be able to contest in the challengers more actively.

On 5th of March Saba Purtseladze has won the same tournament with the budget of $15000.

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