Zach David – Filipino Racer towards Formula 1 Dream

Zach David - Filipino Racer towards Formula 1 Dream | Setanta Sports

Filipino racer Zach David will compete in Formula Regional championships in 2024. He has achieved a lot at just 16 years old, winning karting championships and a Formula 4 race.

David’s ultimate goal is becoming a Formula 1 driver. He focuses on positioning himself as a strong contender for the championship. He wants to build on his existing skills and advance further in his career.

Aiming for the Championship

Formula Regional is a stepping stone between Formula 4 and Formula 3, leading to Formula 1. David’s journey will begin with the Formula Regional Middle East Championship in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. After that, he will shift his focus to the Formula Regional European Championship. It features ten rounds at iconic circuits such as Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Circuit Paul Ricard, Red Bull Ring and Monza Circuit.

Zach David – Preparations

David started preparing for the 2024 racing season shortly after his stint in the Formula 4 category. He has been extensively testing the Formula Regional car and maintaining a strong physical condition. David’s motorsport journey includes achievements and milestones. He made his Formula 4 debut in the UAE Championship, securing his first-ever race victory in Kuwait during Round 2.

David’s determination and talent serve as strong indicators of his potential for success in the highly competitive world of motorsport. Filipino racing enthusiasts eagerly await his performances as he continues to make strides towards his Formula 1 dream.

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