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Verstappen did not obey the team | Setanta Sports
2022 Nov 16, 15:22 PM
1 mins read

An unpleasant incident happened in the Red Bull stable. At the Brazilian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen did not give up his position to teammate Sergio Perez, despite the team’s request. Perez is fighting for the second place in the individual ranking.

Later, the racer did not want to explain the reasons for disobedience and said that he had his own arguments.

The fact led to an unpleasant conversation via radio connection during the race and after the end of the Grand Prix and the exchange of several lines.

Verstappen: «It’s an echo of what happened before»

Perez: «It shows who he really is»

In a conversation with the Spanish media, Perez added that if Verstappen has two titles, it is thanks to him.

In the end, Verstappen finished the race in 6th place, while Perez finished in 7th place. In the overall standings, which Verstappen already won two races ago, the Mexican pilot shares second place with Charles Leclerc with 290-290 points. The 2022 Formula 1 vice champion will be determined in Abu Dhabi.