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2022 Nov 17, 21:36 PM
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan is the main topic of the last days Ronaldo spoke critically about his club, its managers and club politics, former and current coaches. There is only a short time left before the World Cup, English analysts believe that he did wrong, he hurt himself and his teammates, however the Portuguese deny everything and say that the team has an ideal environment.

However, in the encounters after the interview, it can be seen that Ronaldo is met coldly by both Bruno Fernandes and Joao Cancelo, while Bernardo Silva expressed his full support.

In the interview, Ronaldo talks not only about career obstacles, but also about the tragedy of his personal life. A short time ago, Cristiano’s newborn son died, which was very difficult for the family to cope with.

Gio returned home and the children asked questions, – where is the child?” The same questions were heard from the table, – Mother, where is the child? After a week, we decided to be honest with the children, we told them that Angel is in heaven.”

Ronaldo also said he keeps his son’s ashes at home, along with those of his father, who died in 2005.

“I talk to them all the time, they are on my side, they help me to be a better person and a better father. And that’s something I’m proud of, the message I get from them, especially from my son.”

Ronaldo spoke about choosing the club and admitted that he made an emotional decision.

“I was close to moving to City, but at this point your heart dictates everything, the time spent in Manchester and Sir Alex Ferguson played a decisive role.”

Ronaldo did not spare either Ralf Rangnick or the managers.

“They sacked Solskjaer and replaced him with a sporting director, he’s not even a coach, I have no idea what Rangnick was doing at United.”