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messi scores and assists against mexico | Setanta Sports
2022 Nov 27, 15:28 PM
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The matches of the second round of the World Cup C and D groups were held. It’s been an interesting day, France is already in the playoffs, Argentina is back in the game, and everything will be decided in the second round.

Group C

After changing the opponent, the tactics have also changed, Saudi Arabia no longer played with the defense pulled up to the center, the Poles would carefully study their game and even think of something against the opponent, especially since playing with such tactics was already like madness.

Because of the victory against the Argentinians, the Saudi football players received such a reward, maybe they did not get such a gift until the end of their career, it is noted that they were able to achieve this success in Qatar, and maybe this story will acquire political significance, the next day was declared by the king as a day off, there was a big celebration in Arabia, and if you beat Argentina And Messi, that is, it is possible to beat Poland and Lewandowski – that was the mood. An opportunity appeared, which was grabbed by Arabia and let go by Wojciech Szczesny. First, he won a penalty kick, then he blocked the second shot as well. This was the turning point of the match, the good attacks of the Arabs had to reach a logical point, and Szczesny did not submit to logic. This is football.

Lewandowski, on the other hand, had a mistake to correct. Due to his unused penalty kick, Poland did not get three points against Mexico, and things became very difficult. This time, Lewandowski did everything well, first he made an assist, he mastered the most difficult ball and Zelinsky scored, he did not even waste a second between leaving the ball on the field and passing. Then there was the crossbar and the post, first Milik hit in a beautiful jump, then Lewandowski on the rebound, as if there should be no more goals, but Lewandowski stole the luck of the Arabs with the ball, stole it and scored. Robert scored the first goal at the World Cup.

So, Poland advanced by four points in the standings. In the last round, they will have to settle the matter against the most difficult opponent, – Argentina definitely needs to win.

Latin America

Argentina and Mexico know each other well, they have usually met in the playoffs before, and Argentina has usually been the winner. In addition, Argentines love Mexico, Diego Maradona won the world championship in Mexico and no one else has played in this tournament like him. They are loved by Brazilians as well, Pele and his army won the third World Cup in Mexico and no one played like them again. The baptism of the best team and the best player of the championship took place in Mexico. It is such a country, it has its own magic, they will share the hosting of the next World Cup with the United States and Canada.

It was a difficult match, we can’t call it spectacular, we didn’t see many moments, we saw a very stiff and rough game in the first half, nothing much changed in the second, we just saw two very beautiful goals.

How is the greatness of a football player measured anyway? The criterion is not really one, but one is definitely what Messi has done. Mexican seven seals were broken with one blow! The whole match he was looking for the key and couldn’t find it, in the end he just broke it. The ball also traveled well, went through the hardened Mexicans and escaped Ochoa, who became the god of the Aztecs at the world championships – 1:0. Messi gave Argentina hope.

Soon, the guy who we wrote about in the previous blog came out on the field, we included him in the list of young players from whom we expect a lot in this World Cup, well, he paid off against Mexico. I won’t hide it, I was expecting Enzo Fernandez in the starting line-up, however Scaloni has other plans, Enzo showed to the whole world that he can play this game, he beat the defenders with beautiful movements and turned the ball into the net with a more beautiful shot. This is the final point.

Argentina equaled Saudi Arabia with points. Everything will be decided in the last round. Very interesting matches await us, the two main stars of the group will face each other, Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski.

Group D

After the first round result, Tunisia was considered more of a favorite, a point against Denmark was considered a big deal, and Australia did not show us much, it is clear that the opponent was very strong, but we still wanted to see more. As we mentioned in previous blogs, in the second round of the World Cup something happens that turns the ideas created in the first round upside down. Well, that’s what happened. The Tunisian team, which wrestled well against Denmark, was defeated.

Australia scored a good goal – the one with which im Cahill and Mark Viduka would be happy. Goodwin’s cross deflected slightly, but Duke tapped in with a perfect header. After that, Tunisia attacked, created chances, the Australian team ran on counterattacks, but no more goals were scored.

Clash of the favorites

We also wrote about the French national team, about the internal atmosphere, not everything was in order, and now L’Équipe wrote that the exclusion of Benzema sorted everything out. At first they complained about the absence of stars, but now it seems that nothing could be better than being without Pogba and Benzema, however, Kante is a big loss in every way.

Mbappe has become the sole leader and runs on the field like a trained animal. Nobody seems to be as thirsty as Kylian at this World Cup. As soon as the game starts, it looks like he is there for scoring goals. He wants to score in every match. In the next round, maybe he gets a little bit upset as it is possible that Deschamps decides to rest him.

It was a big story in the camp of French fans, they couldn’t decide who was the best of the match. It seemed that Mbappe should have won with a big advantage, but many fans of Griezmann showed up, they considered him the best, not without reason. He played a big role in attack and did a great job in defense. It’s news to no one that Griezmann is Deschamps’ favorite player, no one has as much confidence from Deschamps as Antoine.

Ousmane Dembele was also praised, he played his second good match. The fact that he is careful with the ball, does not lose it unnecessarily, and does not seem to be careless, as he is used to, is especially noteworthy. Dembele is absolutely motivated.

It was a good match, maybe even the best game of the day. The Danes also attacked, created moments and scored a goal. As the Scandinavians are used, they put the set pieces to good use. Christensen scored with a header from close range.  

Due to the deficit, France does not have a bench like in previous years, even in the previous World Cup, but those who are on the field will not be disappointed. We should expect a lot more from Mbappe, this guy has a great appetite.  

In both of his scored goals, high class can be seen, it seems to be easy for someone, that’s what happens when a high-class player plays, you think difficult things are easy. For the main stars of the past decade, the World Cup did not turn out to be a very lucky tournament, they shone more at the club level, and now we return to the time when the main face of the decade shines in the World Cup, Kylian has already scored seven goals in the World Cups.  

The Danish national team has only one point, as well as Tunisia. France broke ahead by six points and the ticket to the round of 16 was officially booked. Australia recorded three points in the asset, Denmark only needs to win against Australia in the last round. This is the best place to prove what kind of team you have.