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Gerard Pique informed his fans about his departure from Barcelona

Gerard Pique informed his fans about his departure from Barcelona and the end of his career through Twitter, “I’ve always said that there would not be any other team after Barca. This Saturday’s game will be my last at Camp Nou”.

Pique also shared a video on Twitter:

“Culers, it’s Gerard. Lot of people have been talking about me these past few weeks, but until now, I haven’t said anything. But now, I want to be the one talking about me. Like many of you, I’ve always been a Barcelona fan. I was born into a football loving family of Barcelona fans. From a very young age, I didn’t want to become a football player – I wanted to be a (Barca) player. I’ve been thinking a lot about that kid lately – about what little Gerard would’ve thought if he had been told that all his dreams would come true. That he would make it to the (Barca) first team and win every possible trophy. That he would become a European champion, or a world champion. That he would play alongside the best players in history, would become one of the captains of the club and would make friends for life.

The road brought me back to Barca, this club gave me everything, made all my dreams come true, and now it’s time for the end.

This Saturday will be my last game at the Camp Nou. I will become a regular fan and support the team. I will pass my love for Barcelona to my children like my father did with me.

And you know me. Sooner or later, I’ll be back. I’ll see you at the Camp Nou.

Visca Barca, see you soon.


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