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დანიელებს კატარში პრობლემები აქვთ | Setanta Sports
2022 Nov 17, 12:17 PM
1 mins read

The Qatari Supreme Committee apologizes for the harassment of the Danish journalist. The Danish TV2 journalist was approached by security staff, first they forbade him to film the area, and then they threatened to destroy the camera.

Rasmus Tantholdt was speaking live about the upcoming World Cup when he was approached by security in his electric golf cart and stopped from filming. The case is becoming particularly sensitive by the fact that Denmark was against the World Cup in Qatar, and openly protested the events taking place in that country, especially in terms of human rights violations.

The Danish journalist switched to speaking in English in order to find out why he was forbidden to film, – “You invite the whole world, and I don’t have the right to film?“ – Rasmus Tantholdt asks the security staff, but the threats don’t stop, the footage goes viral on social media.