Pelicans beat Memphis

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NBA viewers were expecting a matchup of young stars, but they only saw Ja Morant play, Zion Williamson is still on the sidelines due to injury. Fans, especially Pelicans fans, hope that this season will be successful for him.

The Pelicans defeated the Grizzlies without Zion, with the score 113:102. CJ McCollum was the best of the winners, with 30 points, 9 assists and 3 rebounds.

Brandon Ingram scored 19 points, added 4 rebounds and 2 assists. The Pelicans are showing that they will be a playoff team this season and if Zion stays healthy and plays consistently, they will be able to achieve more.

Of course, Ja Morant was the best of Memphis, with 36 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Ja embellished the match with several effective moments and described the episode of the three-point attack close to the camera in his own words, – “They can’t guard me! They can’t guard me!! They can’t guard me!!

The Pelicans record is 8-6, Memphis 9-6. The teams are neighbors in the Western Conference, with the Pelicans in the seventh place and Memphis in the sixth. New Orleans Pelicans will play the next match against Chicago Bulls and Memphis will host Oklahoma City.

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