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2022 Nov 11, 17:24 PM
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No matter how good Luka Doncic was in the past four years, we can say that he is better now. Luka is constantly improving his game, and this is reflected in his statistics. He started the 2022/23 season with a historic feat as he had his ninth straight 30+ point game, scoring 36 points in a win over Brooklyn and breaking Wilt Chamberlain’s 1959/60 mark of eight consecutive 30+ point games.

The all-time record also belongs to Chamberlain, but it will be much more difficult to improve the 1962/63 season record, as Chamberlain managed to score more than 30 points in 23 consecutive games.

In any case, it will be doubly interesting to follow Luka’s performance, now he has a new record in his sights, it’s a new motivation, a new challenge, the legendary Wilt Chamberlain was breaking his own records, and Luka is chasing him.

Dallas Mavericks will play the next match against Orlando Magic.