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Champion Your Brand - Top-Tier Broadcasting Sponsorship Awaits Your Company in the Philippines | Setanta Sports
2023 Dec 12, 15:49 PM
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Setanta Sports, a renowned sports broadcaster with over 25 years in the industry, is setting a groundbreaking milestone by launching the broadcast of NBA games in the Philippines.

With a robust legacy in Europe and Asia, serving content in five languages to 93 million viewers across 14 countries, Setanta Sports is bringing its expertise to the Philippine market, further solidifying its expansion in Southeast Asia.


Biggest NBA Games now on Setanta Sports

Filipino basketball fans, comprising a significant portion of the 24 million potential audience in the country, can now revel in the live-action of not only the NBA Top game but also other exclusive international basketball leagues.

Setanta Sports takes exclusive rights of Top NBA games the 2023-24 and 2024-25 seasons, including NBA, Turkish, Indonesian, Chinese, Italian, German, French, and ACB Spanish basketball.

This array of content offers local businesses a unique opportunity to reach a broad and engaged audience through various advertising packages and associate their brand with NBA and reputable brand Setanta Sports.

Dominating the NBA Broadcasting Scene

Starting October 2023, Setanta Sports emerges as the priority NBA broadcaster, ensuring that fans have exclusive access to top-watched NBA games.

Out of the total 1,300 NBA matches per season, Setanta Sports will broadcast all biggest games on, meticulously chosen to cater to the fans’ preferences. This exclusivity reinforces Setanta Sports’ commitment to delivering premium and unparalleled sports content to the Filipino audience.

Advertising Opportunities

If you own a business or work in a company seeking to captivate a sports audience, partnering with Setanta Sports is all you need.

Local businesses can leverage Setanta Sports’ robust platform for diverse advertising needs. Pre-live advertisement, social media integration, VOD prerolls, and other OTT integrations, particularly for NBA content, are available, presenting businesses with an unrivaled opportunity to grow their brand presence and engage with millions of sports enthusiasts.

In the last year, Setanta Sports has experienced a significant surge on its OTT platform,, registering one million subscribers under the strategic guidance of its new management. This remarkable milestone underscores the immense interest of Filipino viewers in premier sports events and attests to the effective, professional strides taken by the Setanta Sports team.

With Setanta Sports’ OTT platform already launched in 14 countries, advertisers can tap into a vast network of engaged viewers.

The OTT platform provides prerolls and dedicated landing pages, offering engaging content and seamless navigation. Moreover, Setanta Sports amplifies brand visibility through its social media channels, achieving a robust monthly reach of over 2 million in the Philippines, thus furnishing additional pathways for brand integration and promotional endeavors.

Advantages Businesses Can Get with Setanta Sports Partnership

For businesses in the Philippines contemplating a partnership with Setanta Sports, a broadcaster of premier sports events including the NBA, Premier League, and La Liga, numerous compelling advantages beckon. Here’s why aligning your brand with Setanta Sports can be a game-changing move in enhancing your brand’s visibility and reach.

  • Massive Audience Reach
  • Passionate Fan Base
  • Live and Real-Time Engagement
  • Brand Association with Success
  • High-Quality Production Values
  • Targeted Demographics
  • Brand Exposure Across Platforms
  • Longer Exposure Time
  • Global Branding Opportunities

Setanta Sports Competitive Pricing Strategy

NBA will be the only content under paid subscription, as the rest of the content will be for free for everyone who registers on website.d

All the matches that will be broadcasted on Setanta Sports platform, won’t be available on any other platform or TV channel in the Philippines, it will be exclusively on Setanta Sports.

Filipino fans can enjoy more than 750 Indonesian and Chinese basketball league matches, all 380 Premier League games per season, and all 380 La Liga games per season, among others for free.

A New Era for Sports Broadcasting in the Philippines

With its extensive reach, exclusive content, competitive pricing, and ample opportunities for advertisers, Setanta Sports is revolutionizing the sports broadcasting landscape in the Philippines.

Beyond NBA games, Setanta’s expansive content portfolio, including football from the Premier League, La Liga, SPFL, and EFL, as well as MMA and boxing from Matchroom, further enhances its offering to the Philippine market.

Setanta Sports stands as a beacon of superior sports broadcasting in the Philippines, inviting fans to enjoy unmatched sports content and offering businesses unparalleled opportunities to grow and engage with a vast audience.

The launch of NBA and other prestigious content broadcasting marks not just an expansion but a commitment from Setanta Sports to deliver excellence and exclusivity to the sports lovers of the Philippines.

Join us in celebrating this new chapter and explore what Setanta Sports has to offer to businesses and fans alike. Visit and be a part of the revolution in sports broadcasting in the Philippines.