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2022 Dec 08, 13:17 PM
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The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has imposed a fine of one million dollars on the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).

The reason for this was the decision made by the British organization this year. According to this, Russian and Belarusian tennis players were banned from grass-court tournaments on British soil.

In the LTA, it was believed that in the background of the ongoing war events in Ukraine, it would not be fair to allow Russian and Belarusian tennis players to participate in their country. They also consulted with the British government on this topic.

The Lawn Tennis Association tried to negotiate a compromise with the ATP. The process ended unsuccessfully.

Because of this, the ATP stripped this year’s Wimbledon from ranking points. And now the LTA has been fined a million. Also, LTA was threatened with expulsion from the association in case of repeating such a ban.

In response, the LTA released an official statement today stating that they are “deeply disappointed” by the ATP’s decision:

“ATP did not react properly to the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, which is why the situation in Ukraine is extremely hard nowadays. They also did not take into account the position of our organization and the UK government. We are surprised by the lack of empathy shown by the ATP on this matter.”

– LTA official statement.

ATP’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this year was limited to one action. They removed the flags of Russian and Belarusian tennis players.

According to ATP, they will transfer the million-dollar fine received from LTA to the aid fund of Ukraine.