The Premier League returns on Boxing Day on Setanta Sports

Premier League returns on Boxing Day | Setanta Sports

The Premier League is back after a 43-day break. On Boxing Day, Setanta Sports will broadcast live coverage of seven matches.

17th round of PL

December 26

  • Brentford – Tottenham
  • Crystal Palace – Fulham
  • Everton – Wolves
  • Leicester – Newcastle
  • Southampton – Brighton
  • Aston Villa – Liverpool
  • Arsenal – West Ham

December 27

  • Chelsea – Bournemouth
  • Manchester United – Nottingham Forest

December 28

  • Leeds United – Manchester City

Club football has returned

Club football has been back for nearly a week and is heating up yet. Setanta Sports and viewers have already seen matches from the Scottish Premiership, English Championship, and EFL Cup. But now comes the main event, the Premier League.

Boxing Day

On December 25, the majority of the Christian world celebrates Christmas. On December 26, Boxing Day is celebrated in British culture.

There are several versions of how this day came to be. However, according to, the most consistent is related to gift giving. As a sign of loyalty, nobles would give gifts and money in boxes to their servants on this day.

Boxing Day is now associated with the unwrapping of Christmas presents. This time of year would obviously be unimaginable without English football. The year 2022 will be no exception.

Twelve days of nonstop football and Setanta Sports viewers will be able to watch non-stop English football from December 26 to January 6.

In addition, Setanta Sports is making a New Year’s Eve offer to its customers. If a platform user wishes to receive a significant discount on an annual subscription, he should enter the promo code – NY2023.

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