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New European Super League announced | Setanta Sports
2023 Feb 09, 18:26 PM
2 mins read

New European Super League – Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus are believed to have approached around 50 teams in the hopes of establishing a new European competition.

What’s new about Super League

The supporters of the failed European Super League idea want to restart it as a multi-divisional league with:

  • 60 to 80 teams
  • A few divisions
  • No permanent members
  • Minimum of 14 games per club per season

A22, an affiliate of the Super League with offices in Madrid, made the announcement in many European media.

A22 assert that thorough discussions on the financial challenges faced by clubs across Europe led to the creation of the new project. The Premier League’s income, domination in the transfer market, and impact on other European leagues with less lucrative media agreements have been the targets of A22 and the ESL’s criticisms during the last several months.

Javier Tebas equals Super League to wolf and grandmother

The president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, was among the first people to comment on the news on Thursday. As he tweeted: “The Super League is the wolf, and in today’s attempt to deceive European football, he has dressed as a grandmother.”

What means the new Super League project

  • More teams than the original Super League plan 
  • A breakaway replacing Uefa competitions but not domestic leagues 
  • A guarantee of 14 European matches for every club 
  • An overall limit on matches
  • A competition run by clubs rather than blazers
  • Season-long European competition
  • A plan to ease the burden on travelling fans
  • Financial boost for the women’s game
  • Boosting grass-roots funding
  • Aligning the breakaway with the EU