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Setanta Sports & Monaspa start partnership - Esports | Setanta Sports
2023 Mar 03, 20:52 PM
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Setanta Sports plans to establish a new experience in another field. The cooperation between the largest media of the region and the cyber sports organization Monaspa begins. And this in itself means a multifaceted new experience for the viewer.

Cooperation with the Georgian team of e-sports includes information campaigns, a new direction of broadcasting and more interaction. The Setanta Sports team is delighted to partner with and develop this fast-growing industry’s outstanding Georgian team.

Monaspa’s success – Georgians in the top league

Most recently, the Georgian Cyber Sports team won a ticket to the Dota Pro Circuit Division I. Monaspa is among the 8 best teams in Europe! This is almost the same achievement as if the Georgian team played in the playoffs of the Champions League.

What is Monaspa, who are its members, how did they get here and what are their plans – talked to the founders of the cyber team, Davit Agajanov and Mamuka Kikabidze.

Well, I won’t abuse your patience anymore, let’s press X and skip directly to the interview.

What is Monaspa

You hear Monaspa, and if you don’t have factual information, your intuition dictates that you should look for a parallel with medieval Georgia, or look at the internal memory of The Knight in the Panther’s Skin or something similar.

We started talking with the respondents about the identity of the organization.

„Monaspa is the first Georgian e-sports organization, which was founded in June 2019. The goal of Monaspa is to compete at a high level and represent Georgia in various e-sports disciplines worldwide. We have set this goal since the team was created “.

Monaspa was an elite royal guard formed by Davit Aghmashenebeli. The army consisting of 5000 warriors, mostly foreigners and Georgian nobles, represented the guard corps of the king.

The name has great importance, even from biblical times, I will not waste your time reminding all this, although obviously, I asked our respondents about the reasons for choosing this name.

„We wanted the name to be Georgian. We wanted the name to have the feeling that the Persians’ Immortals, the Romans’ Praetorians, and the Byzantines’ Varangians had, so that it was the most capable and fearsome unit.

We wanted to distinguish and talk about this historical topic and name with foreigners in the presence of hundreds of thousands of live viewers. This kind of thing has happened many times, which we think is important. In this regard, we gave a small history lesson to the world.

Our goal is for our Monaspa to achieve the same success as Monaspa during Davit IV The Builder’s time“.

Dota 2 Team Monaspa | Setanta Sports
Dota 2 Team of Monaspa

Monaspa – gaming to professionalism

The next stop of the dialogue was the daily life of gamers of the Georgian organization. It has not been long since the professional perception of the gaming in Georgia has started and Monaspa’s contribution to this, along with other Georgian cyber sportsmen, is quite large.

“We started with the Georgian five in Dota and Counter disciplines, which brought us considerable success on the Georgian stage, but this result was not enough for us.

We have also added foreign players to achieve success on the global stage.

As for the time factor, at this stage, this is the main and only job for all of us and of course we put maximum time and resources into it.

As for the seriousness of the approach, during the competition period, we send players to     the e-sports facilities located in different places in Europe, where they have the opportunity to be together in a comfortable, fully equipped environment and improve their performance with the help of a coach and a sports psychologist.”

Monaspa – representing Georgia

To what extent cyberspace erases the borders of the political map; How important is it for Monaspa to represent Georgia – obviously, like you, I was very interested in hearing the answers to these questions.

“As you know, we are among the top 8 teams in Europe and no other Georgian sports organization has reached that in the team competition.

We play against organizations like, to use a football analogy, probably Real Madrid, Manchester City and Bayern.

In total, these teams have quite a lot of resources and the total value of the teams playing in our division is close to a billion dollars.

Of course, representing Georgia on the highest stage in Europe is very important for the development of Georgian e-sports and for the recognition of Georgia, because we are performing as a Georgian organization.

By entering the top 8 teams in Europe, we were able to do something similar if the Georgian team played in the playoffs of the Champions League.”

Setanta Sports and Monaspa – media partnership

Media partnership is a new experience for Monaspa. When you master the field at a professional level and successfully, there is a need for another level of communication and interaction with the fans.

“Having a media partner is very important for the development of Monaspa, because people should also hear about our success.

Cooperation with Setanta Sports is particularly important because, like us, it operates not only in the Georgian, but also in the foreign market.

At the same time, a very important factor is that Setanta Sports believed in us and understood how large-scale this space is and how much potential it has in the future, both for e-sports in general and for Monaspa in particular.

In the future, together with your team, we will gradually offer fans and viewers interesting news and new experiences in different directions.”

schedule for Monaspa in Division I | Setanta Sports
schedule for Monaspa in Division I

Monaspa’s run in the DPC WEU Division I started with a convincing victory against the Division II champions!

The opponent of the Georgian team was Ooredoo Thunders. Here you can watch the highlights of the last match.

Setanta Sports and Monaspa are planning a number of activities within the framework of cooperation. The goal is, on the one hand, to increase the awareness and perception of cyber sports and on the other hand, to offer a new experience to the current viewers and players of the sport.