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Ronaldo trains in Madrid | Setanta Sports

Cristiano Ronaldo trains in Madrid. The Portuguese returned to their clubs after the defeat, while Ronaldo is currently without a club. Therefore, to keep in shape, he contacted his former club trains at the base of Real Madrid.

Cristiano has terminated his contract with Manchester United. He has yet to receive the desired offer. The press is only writing about Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr for a considerable amount and a two-and-a-half-year contract. It has yet to be determined what decision Ronaldo will make.

Even before the end of the season, his return to Real has already been ruled out. Although he is a free agent and could be signed very quickly, Ronaldo’s time at Real Madrid is over. Also, his transfer was ruled out by the manager of Paris Saint-Germain. Christophe Galtier noted that the club does not lack attackers, and despite the great respect for Ronaldo, they do not have a place for him in capital of fashion.

As it seems many offers aren’t on the table. However, it is strange that there has not been talks of MLS, not even David Beckham’s club. He has been trying to bring a megastars to his club for several years, and now he has a perfect opportunity to do so, but there is silence.

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