Official – Ronaldo joins Saudi Arabian Al Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo will play for Al Nassr | Setanta Sports

Cristiano Ronaldo will continue his career in Saudi Arabia. The five-time Golden Ball winner will get 200 million euros every year.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest transfer drama is concluded. The Portuguese footballer has agreed to terms with Al Nassr till 2025.

Ronaldo should spend 2.5 years in Saudi Arabia. Cristiano will get around 200 (199.16) million euros per year. This deal includes commercial advertising. This is a record-breaking deal in football history.

Ronaldo made his first statement after joining Saudi Arabia’s Pro League. He expressed his enthusiasm for what had occurred and called Al Nassr’s intentions and plans inspirational.

The transfer to Al Nasr, Saudi Arabia’s nine-time champion, has been described as historic.

The 37-year-old turned down a €305 million bid in summer because he felt happy at Manchester United.

Ronaldo, who scored 145 goals in 346 games for Manchester United, left the country seven months before the end of his contract. It was terminated when he publicly criticized the club in an interview with TalkTV.

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