Fans in Qatar were banned from drinking alcohol

Beer is banned in stadiums of Qatar for world cup

Just two days before the start of the championship, FIFA announced that eight stadiums in Qatar will not sell alcohol. The statement said that the decision was made as a result of negotiations between the host country and FIFA.   

As a result of the decision, alcohol will be banned at the FIFA fan fest, and beer will not be sold near the stadium. However, non-alcoholic beer will be available to fans during all 64 games.

The Budweiser company has been cooperating with FIFA since 1986, since that time they have the exclusive right to sell beer near the stadium, and now there are problems. Shortly after the announcement, a short message appeared on Budweiser’s Twitter account saying, “This is embarrassing,” but was soon deleted.

When Qatar bid to host, they agreed to treat FIFA’s commercial partners and their demands with respect, but that agreement appears to mean nothing to them. For example, in 2014, the law in Brazil was changed because of FIFA partners, specifically regarding alcohol. Based on the agreement, alcohol must be sold in Qatar, but it is not yet known where or in what dosage.  

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Irakli Imedadze
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