England beat Senegal – France is ahead

England beat Senegal in last 16 Qatar 2022 | Setanta Sports

The English national team defeated Senegal 3:0 and will meet the French national team in the quarterfinals. An exciting match is ahead.

England was the favorite, and they expected more from Senegal. Apart from one good moment, Senegal did not create anything, they could not resist the opponent in any section, and everything ended logically.

It was of great interest what decision Southgate would make when selecting the starting eleven as if everything is sorted; however, he cannot be formed on the wings. So again, we saw a different picture – Saka and Foden on the wings. It is a fact that it was justified. They told loudly final word – Saka used Foden’s pass.

All three goals came from a quick counter-attack, three times the ball, a fast start, and a precise finish – this is Southgate’s signature. So what will this man think against Kylian Mbappé? So far, it looks like this is Mbappe’s championship; he has to be the best and proves it in every match.

Walker passed the entrance exam to Mbappe well; he did not pose a threat to Ismaila Sarri; it can be said that he gave the test well, and the main story is ahead.

The duet of Stones and Maguire is noted; Pep Guardiola complained for a long time that Stones makes mistakes in elementary moments, which is disastrous for the central defender. However, this season Stones made no mistakes. On the other hand, Maguire does not lack criticism, and they have an excellent duet in the team. Here, too, the head coach plays a not-insignificant role.

Let’s mention Mbappe, and let’s say the best from the English side – Jude Bellingham. The group stage and the round of 16 were held at a very high level. Judy became the new hope of the English people.

The European duel will be held on 10th of December, in Al Khor Al Bayt Stadium, the winner gets semifinal tickets, looser – tickets to home.

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