Club World Cup with 32 teams – Gianni Infantino

Gianni Infantino Press Conference from Qatar | Setanta Sports

FIFA plans to reform the Club World Cup. From 2025, they plan to increase the number of teams in the tournament to 32.

The FIFA president announced the information himself. According to the head of world football’s governing body, there will be significant improvements and changes in the next 4-year cycle.

“We discussed and reviewed several strategic principles. For example, we agreed that the Men’s Club World Cup will be held in 2025 with 32 teams and will be similar to the World Cup”.

Gianni Infantino – President of FIFA

The tournament will be held once in 4 years. According to Infantino, the world’s strongest clubs will participate in it.

“With this format, the tournament will be held once in 4 years, and its first draw will be in the summer of 2025. The best clubs in the world will be invited.

The income and budget of this tournament are not included in the 11-billion-dollar financial forecast.”

Gianni Infantiono – President of FIFA

Significantly, English clubs have discussed such initiative in November 2021. Premier League teams have called FIFA’s initiative a threat to football.

Infantino also did not rule out the possibility of revising the 2026 FIFA World Cup regulations. According to the current rules, In USA, Canada, and Mexico 48 teams should be divided into 16 three-team groups.

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