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David Beckham is world cup ambassador
2022 Nov 21, 22:42 PM
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David Beckham is being criticized for being an ambassador for Qatar World Cup. Qatar World Cup has many opponents and critics and they tried to fix the damaged image by using David Beckham, in return, David Beckham accepted their lucrative offer and gave a very questionable speech at one of the meetings – “This is a platform for progress,” – said David Beckham, considering massive human rights violations.

According to The Guardian, David Beckham will receive £150 million for being an ambassador. “Dreams come true, that’s why you’re here, you share Generation Amazing’s passion for football and the desire to make the world more tolerant,” – Beckham addressed the youngsters.

“Almost two decades ago, Qatar also had a dream to host the World Cup and this dream came true, the World Cup will be held in the Middle East for the first time.”

Beckham has been used to create a tolerant image and Beckham’s image is slowly being destroyed. The result of this will appear over time. British singer Rod Stewart declined the invitation, despite the lucrative offer.