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ლებრონ ჯეიმსის წარუმატებელი დაბრუნება | Setanta Sports
2022 Nov 10, 10:17 AM
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LeBron James returned to the court and scored 30 points against the Los Angeles Clippers, the 18-time All-Star making 12 of 22 shots. However, the comeback was unsuccessful for both him and the Lakers. The Lakers lost to the Clippers 114-101 and LeBron James missed 5:41 minutes of the last quarter. It seems that we are dealing with an injury again.

James missed the match with Utah due to injury, the Lakers lost 116-139. Whether or not the Lakers can survive their terrible start to the season depends directly on LeBron’s health. So far nothing is going well for the Lakers. Currently, the Lakers have a 2/9 record.